Global warming of the Earth’s environment is increasing day by day with the increase in use of fossil fuels. We therefore need an alternative to combat this issue.

 TATA POWER, India’s largest integrated power company has always been ahead in adopting innovations and providing solution towards sustainable resources. Tata Power has come up with an Electric Charging Station in Mumbai, so that people can adapt to Electric Vehicles easily. Government is working on zero-emission mobility technology such as electric vehicles and hybrid cars. They are also encouraging people to shift from fossil fuels to Electric Vehicles by 2030. Tata Power aims to build a seamless network of electric charging station and to help government in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, by installing charging stations at strategic locations.

Tata Power has installed Mumbai’s first Electric Vehicle (EVs) charging station in Vikhroli and its offering free of cost charging. It also plans to expand charging station across the city so as to ensure smooth riding of electric cars.

Since the inauguration of first station in Vikhroli last year, the company has also set more stations for public usage at Palladium mall in Lower Parel and Phoenix Market city in Kurla. The prices of this stations are yet to be finalized. 

The company is planning to put more stations in the surroundings of the city near Borivali Highway and at Bandra-Kurla complex. These newly installed station in malls are compatible with existing EVs (Mahindra e2o and Nissan Leaf). This EV stations can monitor the charging status as well as the amount of energy or units consumed. 

There are two types of charging models available for public usage – a regular charging (AC model) and the fast charging (DC model). The regular charging takes around 6-7 hours approximately, while the fast charging takes around 90 minutes to charge completely, said by Tata Power executive in charge. The timings for charging your EV are 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

As the world moves towards clean and green source of energy. Tata Power provides sustainable source of energy to customers. It also encourages people by providing them with alternative, clean and affordable solution towards a better future.

Pic Courtesy: www.zigwheels.com
Editor: Taher Ujjainwala

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