Each household produces tons of decomposable waste every day which is just thrown away as garbage. India alone generate more than 1,00,000 metric tonnes of solid waste every day, which is higher than many countries’ total daily waste generation taken together. This waste should be used in a way to save the environment.

What is Biogas?

Biogas is known as an environmentally-friendly energy source.

Biogas is a type of biofuel that is naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste. When organic matter, such as food scraps and animal waste, break down in an environment absent of oxygen they release a blend of gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide.  Because this decomposition happens in an anaerobic environment, the process of producing biogas is also known as anaerobic digestion.

Anaerobic digestion is a natural form of waste-to-energy that uses the process of fermentation to breakdown organic matter. Due to the high content of methane in biogas, biogas is flammable, and therefore produces a deep blue flame, and can be used as an energy source.

About HomeBiogas:

HomeBiogas is a company based in Israel founded by Yair Teller, Oshik Efrati and Erez Lancer in 2012. In 2016, HomeBiogas system became commercially available, attracting customers with their Homebiogad 1.0. After further research, fine-tuning, and streamlining processes they invented the most advanced model that was lower cost, easier to set-up and had a larger capacity for treating waste and making biogas  – the HomeBiogas 2.0.

Household waste and organic matter such as meat, dairy, and animal manure are fed into the appliance inlet. Bacteria breakdown organic waste in a naturally occurring process, and HomeBiogas stores and harnesses the energy created so that you can use the gas for cooking and liquid fertilizer for farming.

The application can easily be carried out by an ordinary person. You can get HomeBiogas from local sellers or directly from their website https://www.homebiogas.com/Products/HomeBiogas2 at a price of $720. All of the following things are included in the box.

  • A biogas stovetop
  • Digester tank
  • Gas tank
  • Pipe
  • Gas filter
  • Inlet sink
  • Indoor gas tube
  • Assembly manual
  1. Select a location in your backyard where it’s sunny ( as bacteria thrive on warmth) and which is up to 65 ft from your kitchen.
  2. HomeBiogas is designed in such a way that it can be assembled in 1 to 2 hours and no professional or technician is required. 
  3. You can activate HomeBiogas one of two ways
  4. The natural way, using 100 liters of animal manure from your local farm or ranch, or
  5. You can purchase a bacteria starter kit.
  6. Once you have activated your system and have a healthy colony of bacteria growing in the digester. You need to feed the system with your food scraps and/or animal waste.

About the product:


System dimensions: 210x115x125 cm / 83x45x49 in

Box dimensions: 60x50x53 cm / 23x20x21 in

Gas Tank volume

700 liters / 185 gal

Digester Tank volume

1200 liters / 317 gal

Maximum daily quantity of kitchen waste

Up to 6 liters / 1.5 gal

Maximum daily quantity of animal manure

Up to 20 liters / 5 gal

Stove cooking time (single burner)

Up to 2 hours daily

The upcycle of HomeBiogas

  • Toss your leftovers and food scraps into HomeBiogas.
  • Generate fertilizer and Biogas.
  • Use the fertilizer to grow your own vegetables and use the biogas to cook your meals using your homegrown vegetables.

Till date, they have deployed thousands of biogas systems to over 90 countries worldwide, by benefiting the environment and helping people in transforming their lives and improving their healths by transitioning to clean renewable energy.

The HomeBiogas 2.0 generates up to 2 hours of cooking gas and fertilizer daily.Their mission is to make free, renewable energy available to everyone in the world.

Transform your waste and transform your life.

Pic Courtesy: HomeBiogas

Editor: Shiwani Nagrale