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Until now you might have heard of many turbines name as water turbines, wind turbines and many more. A turbine is just a mechanical device which rotates in any fluid, extracts energy from it and converts it into useful energy. But have you heard of waterlily turbine?? This product was designed by the Canadian start-up named as “Seaformatics” which consist of 4 engineers. This start-up has a goal to save energy by harvesting ocean power.

Waterlily micro turbines are powerful to keep all your small devices charged up all the day the long while you are spending time outdoors. Waterlily can use the power of both the water and the wind. We prefer to use sunlight energy or charged portable devices to keep our phones charged but that too has a limitation. It may so happen that whichever place you travel may not have sunlight or may have a very low sunlight which may be very time  consuming to charge. The problem with portable battery is that if you forget to charge them, you won’t be able to use it. But waterlily turbine doesn’t need to be charged by sunlight or using electric energy it just needs to be used in water flow (river, sea, etc) or in wind blowing region. Any outdoor region might have at least one area where there are fast blowing winds or a flowing river or a pond. So, you would never ever regret buying a waterlily.
The waterlily turbine is very handy and weighs only 800g having 7-inches of diameter and 3-inches width. The turbine consists of 3 propellers and rotates at a maximum speed of 72 kmph. These waterlily turbines can be used to charge you mobile phone, tablets, GoPro and other devices which needs a 5V or 12V input power. The turbine comes with standard 12 foot cable, one waterlily power bank having an output of 5V and 12V, 2 stainless steel carbineers. In case you don’t have a river or a proper wind speed, the “Seaformatics” also plans to add a hand crank feature to the turbine which can be used to rotate the propellers of turbines mechanically. The waterlily turbines can be pre-booked on company’s website (https://waterlilyturbine.com/) for just US $99 and the price will jump to US $149.

Waterlily turbine used in water:

The turbine can be operated in water or in air one at a time. The turbine can operate in water having speed between 1 kmph to 11 kmph. However, the peak output (25V) is achieved at a water speed of 7.2 kmph. Most interestingly, this turbine can go in the sea up to a depth of 36,070 feet. Also, the turbine is resistant to ocean corrosion.

Waterlily turbine used in wind:

The turbine can be operated in wind having a minimum speed of 10.87 kmph and a maximum speed of 88.51 kmph. However, the peak output is achieved at a speed of 72.42 kmph which can charge your devices in just couple of hours.
Pic Courtesy: https://waterlilyturbine.com/

Editor: Anuj Gupta

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