Teddy – the Guardian
Today the world is full of smart gadgets like smart phones, smart watch, smart computers, smart home and many more. Technology is growing at a faster rate. Technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today everyone wants their work to be done in a speed of a click. For this, the gadgets should be smart enough to sense the requirements and do the work accordingly.
A new smart toy has been created which is called as “Teddy-the Guardian”. The toy is just as normal as teddy bear. The only thing which makes him smart are the sensors attached to his paw. The sensors attached to his paw is able to sense the temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and send that data via wireless means of communication to phone. The sensor is as small as a coin. Teddy- the guardian is a product of the startup named as ID Guardian which was initiated by Ana Burica and Josipa Majic.

Whenever the child will squeeze the paw of teddy, the real time data of his body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate will be sent to the mobile app wirelessly within 4 seconds. That’s why the teddy is being called here as “The Guardian”. The parents will be aware of the child’s health at every time. The teddy has a heart attached in the middle of his chest which blinks as blue colour on squeezing the paw. The teddy is an innovative product of health technology. When child squeezes the paw of teddy for a longer time, the teddy’s heart rate will beat as same as the heart rate of the child. When the body temperature of child changes, the color of teddy’s heart also changes. The teddy can be used by the toddlers & children between 3 to 6 years.
The startup got the London investors which raised the seed by $400,000. Smart teddy is making a lot of progress and has already received $716,000 in pre-orders. A hand made limited edition of teddy will be sold for $500 in Europe. The global version of teddy will be sold for $250. You can order your smart teddy at teddytheguardian.com. The company has planed to donate 100 smart teddy via social media campaign.

Pic Courtesy: http://teddytheguardian.com/

Editor: Anuj Gupta