So always in a hustle to find a shortcut in a work, well you are lucky that we have just discover some cool shortcuts which will not only help you to reduce the time of work but also increase the speed by which you work.

We assume you know the basic shortcut key in Windows 10 OS like if you have to open the run box simply pressing Win key with R will do your work. So with that let us see now the cool shortcuts you can use to ease your work.

  • Opening the Windows Explorer

So for this you just have to press Win key with letter E (Win + E) that will open the Windows explorer with which you can access your drives along with the quick access section.

  • Desktop Shortcut

Now we have to come back to desktop for that you do not have to again minimize the Explorer or any Application, you can simply press Win key with the letter D (Win+D). By this, you can visit your desktop anytime.

  • Setting

Accessing your setting is a simple job by going into the start menu and accessing it. But, you can also use the shortcut by pressing Win key along with the letter I(Win+I).

  • Multitasking

If you have open various applications and you hate to switch the application with your mouse you can use the simple shortcut keys viz. are Win + Tab OR alt + Tab. Both the shortcut will help you multitask your applications or programs you are using.

  • TaskBar Shortcuts

To access the application which have been pinned or opened previously you can simply press Win key along with the number of you application in the taskbar (left to right). You can open maximum of 10 applications with this shortcut by pressing    Win + (1/2/…/9/0) pressing the win key along with 0(zero) would open the 10th application of your taskbar.

Also now, if you want to access different application on different parts of your display you can resize it by using the Win key along with the arrow keys.

Like if we have to use the calculator on the left side and chrome on the right side of the screen, you can simply toggle the calculator by pressing win key with left arrow and chrome with right arrow keys.

  • Minimize

So coming back to desktop is a simple shortcut but we do have another shortcut key to minimize all the application at once by simply pressing Win key along with the letter M (Win +M).