Every day we eat lot of different dishes. Each dish is made up of different materials, spices and taste. Currently there are many people who spend more on eating different dishes rather than spending it in any other technological devices or on any physical needs. However, tasting unique dishes isn’t wrong but it can result into some serious stomach problems. The problems include indigestion, vomiting, gastrointestinal disease, ulcers in stomach, reflux of oesophagus and many more.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the doctors to detect the disease in the stomach. On prediction doctors gives some medicine and we consume it. After someday we come to know whether it is cured or not. However, to detect the disease at once in our body the scientists have developed a pill called as “Electronic Pill”. “Electronic Pill” is based on Intellicap technology. Intellicap system includes the delivery of drug and real time monitoring the system. The company Medimetrics, a German based company brought this idea in reality. The pill is not a normal pill that you have used it.

The pill is basically a sensor which goes inside our body and senses various parameters of your body. Sensors have a played a very significant role in our life. In every technological device we use sensors. Sensors contains transistors. Sensors are used in almost every research and activities in the field of electronics. Initially when the transistors we invented, the same pill was developed and known as radiometry pill. This pill was invented to study gastrointestinal tract. But due to some of the reasons the pill was discontinued. However, the limitation of radiometry pill is overcome in this pill known as “Electronic Pill”. Pill contains sensors and sensors contains microelectronic circuits. The life span of the sensors used are also more in this pill. These pills are used to measure various biomedical diagnosis. It is also used to study the internal structure any disease or abnormalities. 

The “Electronic Pill” is a sensor enclosed in a material which is biocompatible. Inside the pill, it contains a pair of control chip, multichannel sensors, two silver oxide cells and a radio transmitter. The four sensors are temperature sensor, pH ISFET (Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) sensor, dual electrode conductivity sensor and a three electrode electrochemical oxygen sensor. The pill can be used for only a day for diagnosis tool inside our body. The pill is one inch long and half inch wide which makes it easier to swallow. As soon as pill goes inside our body, it starts sensing various parameter such as oxygen, pH, temperature, hydrogen, carbon- dioxide, methane, identity the activity of bacteria and send this information to the external devices via transmitter which can be monitored on a computer system or in mobile device. All sensors are controlled by application specific integrated circuits (ASIC). This device have many medical uses and will lead to the proper treatment of disease inside our body on a specific target organ. The pill has proved to be unharmed to our body after it is tested on humans too.

Pic Courtesy: Siddika Kalinawala

Editor: Anuj Gupta