Everyday a lot of waste is generated from our kitchen. Left-over food, rotten vegetables and their leaves, fruits seeds, spices and many more. All this waste is just thrown into the garbage. Further this waste is dumped or deposited at garbage place. Waste also consists of plastics. But plastic is collected from the waste and sent for recycling. What about the food??The rotten food is either dumped or eaten by the domestic animals and poor people.

What if the rotten food is recycled and we can use it for other purposes too. This will lead to the reduction of the garbage waste and will keep our city clean too.

The company named as ZERA introduced the new device called as Food Recyclerfor our waste. This device is a revolutionary device so far. The device will convert the garbage waste into the fertilizer which you can use it for other purpose such as fertilizer. The other composting devices uses the heat to dehydrate the scraps, food waste, etc. However, the appliance from ZERA uses the plant addictive along with oxygen, moisture, heat and agitation to beak down the waste. You will be surprised to know that the meat and dairy products also undergo breakdown in this appliance. But other composting devices don’t break down the meat and dairy products. The food recycler can hold the waste of 7days. The fertilizer can be obtain from waste after 24 hours thrown into the recycler. Th recycler requires minimal maintenance. Food recycler app can be controlled via mobile app. You can start or pause the device, you will be notified when the recycling is done via mobile app. The recycler uses the carbon filter for each recycling process. The weight of food recycler is just about 54 kilogram and dimensions are 11″W x 22″D x 33.75″H. The volume of food recycler is just 8.4 litres.

Technical specifications:

1.      It has Zera plant addictive for breaking down the waste into fertilizers.
2.      Consists of lid which is used to open to add waste and close it when done.
3.      Can contains almost a waste of 7 days.
4.      Consists of output bin in which the fertilizer is collected.
5.      Consists of control panels like start, stop, and pause which gets notified after 7 days.
6.      Consists of mixing motor and mixing blade which processes the waste.
7.      HEPA / Activated carbon filter designed to continuously filter air.

How does it works?

1.      Open the lid of recycler and put plant addictive pack in it and then add your waste into it.
2.      After you done filling it, close the lid and start the recycling process through ZARA food recycler mobile app.
3.      After 24 hours, remove output bin and collect fertilizer.

The food recycler comes for $119 and you can buy at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zera-food-recycler#/

Pic Courtesy: Whirlpool

Editor: Anuj Gupta