Coffee is a brewed drink from roasted coffee beans. Coffee contains caffeine which boosts our energy to work for long time. It acts as an energy booster for our body. Coffee is the most consumable brewed drink in the world. Netherlands and Finland are on the topped the list of consumption of coffee. As you can see there are so many coffee lovers in the world so Japanese company comes with a device which will make coffee for you, no matter where you are and what time. Now no need to rush to nearest coffee shops for satisfying your hunger for coffee. Japanese company comes with this coffee maker for you named as Makita coffee maker. Now if you stuck anywhere and you need a coffee, Makita coffee maker will make you have one. Coffee maker is easily portable and not big in dimensions. You would be thinking that it would need electricity to make coffee for you but you’ll be surprised to know that it works on rechargeable 18V lithium-ion batteries. The company has been making coffee machines since 2015 and finally get to this latest model which is more efficient and portable device with cordless power tools. A best way for travelers to take a break and have some coffee.

A full charged 18 V lithium-ion batteries will produce up to 5.3 cups about 640 ml. The design is very simple and compact. It is only 8-3/8” tall with 3-1/2” cup size. It makes one cup of coffee within 7 minutes when powered by battery and it takes only 3 minutes when powered by AC power. Coffee maker can be used by AC power or lithium-ion batteries. The company gives a 3 year warranty. Coffee maker do not have any paper filter but have permanent drip filter which allows grounds to be poured directly into coffee maker. Net weight of the coffee maker is only 1.7 kg. The machine also comes with one safety feature. The coffee maker turns ‘off’ when the temperature increases to 90° (degree) to prevent burning out of machine. The coffee maker comes for $38 (Rs. 2472/-) and you can order for yourself at amazon The coffee maker isn’t expensive.

So coffee lovers, did you get one??

Editor: Anuj Gupta