VeinViewer Flex

Why do we need VeinViewer Flex?

During an Emergency medical service, it becomes very difficult to find veins of a patient. To avoid multiple attempts to find a vein, Christie Medical Holdings developed a portable and handy product called VienViewer Flex which gives real time view of vascular veins of a patient which helps to identify the nerve precisely and avoid complications.

What technology does it work on?

 The near field infrared- light is projected, which gets absorbed by blood cells and gets reflected by surrounding tissues. This information which gets captured is processed and the pattern of internal blood vessels gets projected over your skin which helps to identity the peripheral veins structure inside the body in real time.

VeinViewer Flex reduces the complications and helps you find the optimal vein puncture using HD imaging and Digital Full field technology. This technology helps you to see blood streams 15mm deep and practically 10mm depth is achieved in relevant cases. VeinViewer has patented their technology under Active Vascular Imaging Navigation. Its portable cost would be approximately $5000 (3,25,827 INR). You can buy one at 
Some of the features of VeinViewer Flex are:

·    It can help to quickly find vein under emergency circumstances (Pre and Post vascular   access  procedures).
·     No patient contact is required and does not have any radiation issues (Harmless Infra-red technology   is used).
·     It can be used to project real time vein patterns on patient skin (Irrespective of color of skin).
·     It useful for industrial as well as domestic purpose.
·     It also captures 200 images which can be directly transfered into PC using Wi-Fi.
·    It is portable, user friendly (brightness can be adjusted, image can be resized according to patients  hands and color can be changed as per skin tone).
·     It is ideally used in clinical care facilities, surgeries, home healthcare and many more.
This is an amazing technology developed to avoid complications to patients and is highly compact and durable.
Should every hospital have an equipment like this one??
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Editor: Taher Ujjainwala