Cupffee – An Edible Coffee Drinking Cup
Coffee is the most popular beverage in almost every country. We all drink coffee, almost every day. Coffee is preferred because it contains caffeine which boosts our energy level to do work. If we’re at home, we prefer drinking coffee in a cup made up of porcelain which is reusable. If you’re at work then we drink coffee or water in cup made up of plastic or paper cups. However, this cups are proved to be more harmful to the environment because each plastic cup takes up to 70-450 years to decompose. If we consider America, it consumes 400 million cups everyday which leads to the generation of the waste of around more than 1.5 billion tons annually. This waste coffee cups includes 31 million disposable cups and 58 million paper cups. Paper cups are also not disposable as it is lined with a petroleum-based polyethylene coating (PE). Coffee is the most traded product of the world after oil. If we drink coffee in a disposable cup once everyday we will end up creating 10.5 kgs of waste in just one year.

Manufacturing of each paper cup leads to emission of 0.109 kgs of CO2 in the environment. To avoid all these wastes which leads to the destruction of the environment, some Eco-friendly plans should be adopted. The cup which does not leads to pollution during the manufacturing process and also after it is being used, then there will be no concern on how many numbers of coffee are consumed in a day in the entire world.

Cupffee is an Eco-friendly type of coffee cup. Cupffee was created by the Bulgarian startup which took them 15 years to get perfect Cupffee. The project owner of Cupffee is Miroslav Zapryanov. Cupffee is basically a wafer cup which can be eaten after your coffee. The cup does not have any lining of plastic or coating of a plastic. It also does not change the taste of your coffee. It is made from natural grains which makes it consumable. It can be used for both hot as well as cold drinks. The company which produces Cupffee has a patent and a copyright both. You can say Cupffee is a combination of a cup and food. The production of Cupffee was started from Bulgaria, hence they’re the first to taste that Cupffee. Cupffee remains crunchy for around 60 mins which is less than the time required for consumption of coffee. The startup is reaching to more and more countries to sell Cupffee cups. The owner of the startup have already decided to increase the production of Cupffee as it is getting more demands from other countries. Their goal was to achieve $50,000 to improve production capacity but fortunately they reached $100,000. In 2010, the first Cupffee cup was made. Cupffee got the patent and copyright in 2015. Cupffee is available in different cup sizes and stirrers as well. Cupffee is best before 6 months from date of production. The price of Cupffee is cheap. You get 15 cups for $25 + shipping charges.

Cupffee is an Eco-friendly concept. We’re thankful to the Bulgarian startup who took initiative towards a clean and healthy environment. 
Pic Courtesy: Cupffee 
Editor: Anuj Gupta

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